doTERRA – Sports Performance Class Tonight

By now, many of you know I am involved with and love doTERRA Essential Oils. And it’s not just because they smell good. There are so many reasons… but one of the biggest is because of the positive healthy lifestyle impact they have had as I have been using them every day. I am able to eliminate the over the counter drugs I was using for everything from headaches to heartburn. All by using 100% natural and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. I’d love to tell you more and get you a sample so you can try them for yourself. Let me know what questions you have and I will do my best to answer them. :)

Well, tonight we are having a class geared toward the athlete (and those looking to have better health) in all of us. We are privileged to have a nutritionist and athlete (she runs marathons and triathlons) here to talk to us about the powerful impact the doTERRA essential oils have had in her life and how they can help us in all areas of nutrition, exercise, and athletic performance.

Contact me right away if you are interested in attending the class. Sorry for the late notice. Class starts tonight in Gilbert (Higley/Guadalupe) at 7PM.

**Follow-up**  The class tonight was excellent. Melissa did a great job of sharing with us and I am excited and looking forward to learning more and applying it to my life.

Interested in ordering doTERRA Essential Oils?  Visit my page Legacy Oils .

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