Progress so far –

Progress so far – The transition from having the server in my house has had it’s moments of difficulty, but overall, I am still glad to have made the change. Along with that, I finally got around to redesigning my personal website at and have begun transferring my blog over here.  I am still exploring themes to use and am currently looking at the Thesis theme. So far, I think it has the most flexibility of the themes I have investigated and I am thinking it could work as an excellent base to match the look and feel of my blog to the rest of my website.

As for incorporating social media links into the website and blog, I have a great deal still to learn. There are several “ready to go” solutions that make it easy, however they are not the most elegant. All I can do is consider what kind of links I would actually click on and “like” and am getting closer to what I feel will be a good solution. But for now, I must sleep. Big day tomorrow.

For anyone that may be reading this, I would love to hear from you as to what tools you are using that work for you. Understanding that content is king, I am looking for ways to lower the threshold for people to want to re-share and link to the content here and on my website. Thanks!  -Jared

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