You’re a winner, Teddy knows!

“You’re a winner Teddy knows” – You’ve got what it takes” – You’re on your way to the top” – “You are a born leader” – “There is nothing you can’t do” – “ You are one of a kind”.

Executive TeddyThese are the phrases I heard growing up. And all at the pull of a string on the back of my Teddy Bear.  It was always so reassuring and the ideas and motivation to excel have stayed with me.

So, I spent some time online today looking for a replacement of my childhood friend. I found a photo- but for now, the search continues.

You’re a winner, Teddy knows!

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2 Responses to You’re a winner, Teddy knows!

  1. chelsea says:


    I have been looking for this teddy bear for a while now as well, but have had trouble finding it because I can’t remember what the bear was called. Did you ever find the name or it or where it may be able to be purchased?

  2. JaredJ says:

    The only name I was ever able to find was “Executive Teddy Bear”. I have continued to search, but so far have only found them on auction sites after the auction has already happened. Good luck in your search and let me know if you find one.

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