Hello World!

Day 1.  It’s well overdue that I jump into WordPress for my different projects. In the coming days and weeks there will be quite a few changes and I am going to be documenting the experience.

Today was step 1. For many years, I have been hosting all of my business and personal sites on a server running from my home office. And for the most part, I have loved having full access to the server and unfettered rights to tinker. Alas, I am seeing the benefits of life in the cloud. So, tonight was the beginning. My new hosting account is set up and I went through the famous “5 Minute WordPress install”.  To tell the truth, it’s been easy enough that I am questioning my hesitation to move. Old habits die hard and I’ve been stubborn. Hey, at least I’m willing to admit it.

So without further ado… Hello World!

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