Happy New Year

Dear Friends,

So the phrase goes “ring out the old, in with the new”, and while at times this year we may have felt like “wringing” the old year out ahead of it’s time, the new year is ahead of us. For good and for bad, 2010 is now nearly behind us.

What will 2011 bring? Who knows… But it is a new year and a chance to start fresh. Let’s make 2011 a great year. A year to see and feel blessings all around us. To make friends, build on existing friendships and relationships and to choose to forgive others and ourselves. 2011 will be the result of our choices, and in 12 months we can look back and review our results (probably should review more often than that). But regardless of the timing for introspection, if 2010 wasn’t the year you wanted it to be, go and do something different.

We should not dwell in the past, what’s done is done. But we should learn from all of our experiences.

And while I hear people say “live only in the moment” and never focus on the future, we must have purpose, clarity and direction in our lives. Look forward, dream big dreams, set goals and work and live in the “now” to achieve powerful results. I know as we move forward with intention and determination, with a clear view of the finish line, we can see, feel, taste, touch, and smell the dynamic effect of our choices. When you take time to set goals, spend the time to visualize the goal. See it and how it looks. Imagine how it feels. Engage your senses in experiencing the result and then make a plan that carries you forward to achieve and succeed.

Let me tell you about my intentions for 2011. I enjoy spending time with people living on purpose and moving forward and I am dedicated to surrounding myself with those positive, uplifting, and motivated individuals. It is a privilege and blessing I have greatly enjoyed and will continue to expand upon. And as we come together, the world changes, doors open, and lives are forever blessed. So, if you would like, I invite you to share your goals, direction, and dreams with me. Shared purpose builds momentum and I look forward to seeing what we will build together.

Now, go enjoy the rest of 2010 and be safe!

Happy New Year!
Jared Jarvis



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