Happy New Year

Dear Friends,

So the phrase goes “ring out the old, in with the new”, and while at times this year we may have felt like “wringing” the old year out ahead of it’s time, the new year is ahead of us. For good and for bad, 2010 is now nearly behind us.

What will 2011 bring? Who knows… But it is a new year and a chance to start fresh. Let’s make 2011 a great year. A year to see and feel blessings all around us. To make friends, build on existing friendships and relationships and to choose to forgive others and ourselves. 2011 will be the result of our choices, and in 12 months we can look back and review our results (probably should review more often than that). But regardless of the timing for introspection, if 2010 wasn’t the year you wanted it to be, go and do something different.

We should not dwell in the past, what’s done is done. But we should learn from all of our experiences.

And while I hear people say “live only in the moment” and never focus on the future, we must have purpose, clarity and direction in our lives. Look forward, dream big dreams, set goals and work and live in the “now” to achieve powerful results. I know as we move forward with intention and determination, with a clear view of the finish line, we can see, feel, taste, touch, and smell the dynamic effect of our choices. When you take time to set goals, spend the time to visualize the goal. See it and how it looks. Imagine how it feels. Engage your senses in experiencing the result and then make a plan that carries you forward to achieve and succeed.

Let me tell you about my intentions for 2011. I enjoy spending time with people living on purpose and moving forward and I am dedicated to surrounding myself with those positive, uplifting, and motivated individuals. It is a privilege and blessing I have greatly enjoyed and will continue to expand upon. And as we come together, the world changes, doors open, and lives are forever blessed. So, if you would like, I invite you to share your goals, direction, and dreams with me. Shared purpose builds momentum and I look forward to seeing what we will build together.

Now, go enjoy the rest of 2010 and be safe!

Happy New Year!
Jared Jarvis



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Hood Ornament – 1929 Durant

They sure don’t make them like this anymore. Fun car to see and snap a few photos. It’s the hood ornament from a classic 1929 Durant.  In San Diego, CA  – Haynes Chauffeuring

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My First Girlfriend

My very first girlfriend for 5 minutes at the zoo. We held hands. I still love monkeys!

I ran across this fun image from my childhood and wanted to share. Apparently, the two of us walked up to the monkey cage and just held hands while we watched the monkeys play. It was a sublime 5 minutes for both of us and our families. Don’t know who the girl is or if it’s even possible to find her. Maybe she has a similar photo. Are you out there?

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Canto Vivo Christmas Concert on Saturday Dec. 11th – 7:30PM

Christmas Concert this Saturday December 11th
at the All Saints Episcopal Church at 6300 N. Central Ave in Phoenix.

Canto Vivo Chorale Directed by Craig Peterson has their annual Christmas Concert this Saturday Night at 7:30PM. Come out and enjoy an evening of delightful holiday music.

** A Big Thank-You to all my friends and family that came out to the concert. It was wonderful to have you there. We had a great turnout. And a special thanks to my bro for video taping the concert in HD. It will be fun to see and hear and I will post up clips from the concert soon.  Merry Christmas!

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Class Tonight – Maximizing Fitness & Sports Performance with Nutrition & Essential Oils

Maximizing Fitness & Sports Performance with Nutrition & Essential Oils

We have a big class tonight in the Phoenix Area for any of my friends that can make it. Come on out if you can and I will have sample oils available for those of you that come to see me.

Date/Time: Tuesday  December 7th  @ 7pm – 8:15pm
Location: Tri2BFit Center  6740 E.  University Dr.  Ste 101   Mesa, AZ  85205  (Power Rd & University)
Presenter: Melissa Guthrie - Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Health Educator, Competitive Athlete

**Give-Aways & Healthy Snacks!

Taught by Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, Melissa Guthrie.  In addition to having two college degrees in Exercise Physiology & Nutritional Science,  Melissa was once the fat kid and has achieved her ideal body weight and has maintained it for over 14 years.   Melissa is also a competitive runner and tri-athlete who has had the honor of competing for Team USA in the World Championships in 2005.

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360 VR Blog Post

360° Room View at the M Resort in Las Vegas. Drag the photo to move it around.

The M Resort is my favorite new place to stay in Las Vegas. This was my hotel room when I stayed at the M Resort. I have also prepared this tour as a full screen 360° Virtual Tour. Once it is publicly posted, I will add the link here.

The purpose of this post is to test the ability to add a Virtual Tour to my blog posts. Please do not take the image without permission. I know it’s always possible to add html code to iframe content into the post and other tricks for getting it in there. But this was a plugin based solution that I wanted to try out.

What do you think? Did it work for you? I’d love your feedback.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone here. In many ways you have become a huge part of my family and I am grateful to all of you that come out and participate and help make life better. It’s fun to call so many of you my friends. And I look forward to continuing to get to know all of you. It was 24 years ago today that my family arrived in Arizona. We had driven all day and arrived before the moving truck would show up the next day. Without furniture or utilities having been turned on yet, we gathered together to enjoy a meager thanksgiving meal as we sat around on the floor. And despite all the trials and difficulties, we felt blessed. We had each other. After dinner we read together by flashlight and then fell asleep full of anticipation and excitement for our new adventure. And it has been an adventure. Each new day brings with it new opportunities and chances to see the blessings we are given.

So, be safe. Have fun. Give thanks. And enjoy this day.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jared Jarvis

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doTERRA – Sports Performance Class Tonight

By now, many of you know I am involved with and love doTERRA Essential Oils. And it’s not just because they smell good. There are so many reasons… but one of the biggest is because of the positive healthy lifestyle impact they have had as I have been using them every day. I am able to eliminate the over the counter drugs I was using for everything from headaches to heartburn. All by using 100% natural and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. I’d love to tell you more and get you a sample so you can try them for yourself. Let me know what questions you have and I will do my best to answer them. :)

Well, tonight we are having a class geared toward the athlete (and those looking to have better health) in all of us. We are privileged to have a nutritionist and athlete (she runs marathons and triathlons) here to talk to us about the powerful impact the doTERRA essential oils have had in her life and how they can help us in all areas of nutrition, exercise, and athletic performance.

Contact me right away if you are interested in attending the class. Sorry for the late notice. Class starts tonight in Gilbert (Higley/Guadalupe) at 7PM.

**Follow-up**  The class tonight was excellent. Melissa did a great job of sharing with us and I am excited and looking forward to learning more and applying it to my life.

Interested in ordering doTERRA Essential Oils?  Visit my page Legacy Oils .

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Progress so far – JaredJarvis.com

Progress so far – The transition from having the server in my house has had it’s moments of difficulty, but overall, I am still glad to have made the change. Along with that, I finally got around to redesigning my personal website at JaredJarvis.com and have begun transferring my blog over here.  I am still exploring themes to use and am currently looking at the Thesis theme. So far, I think it has the most flexibility of the themes I have investigated and I am thinking it could work as an excellent base to match the look and feel of my blog to the rest of my website.

As for incorporating social media links into the website and blog, I have a great deal still to learn. There are several “ready to go” solutions that make it easy, however they are not the most elegant. All I can do is consider what kind of links I would actually click on and “like” and am getting closer to what I feel will be a good solution. But for now, I must sleep. Big day tomorrow.

For anyone that may be reading this, I would love to hear from you as to what tools you are using that work for you. Understanding that content is king, I am looking for ways to lower the threshold for people to want to re-share and link to the content here and on my website. Thanks!  -Jared

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Jared Jarvis – Solutions Real Estate

My Business Cards have arrived. It’s great to have new cards! Let me know if you want a couple of cards to share with friends and family and if I can help you solve your real estate needs. That’s all part of being a solution… with Solutions Real Estate.

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